Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What is the protocal for dealing with bullies? As a mother, we all want to be that woman in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, but we can't be stalking kids and threatening their lives. That's just in the movies. If you are doing this, please stop. We'll work together to find a new way of setting boundaries for bullies.

In 7th grade I had my own personal stalker. She was in 8th grade and carried a knife in her shoe. It was a nice touch to evoke terror, but that must've been painful walking around all day. She wore black as if she was already at my funeral.

Every day she'd find me in one of my classes and wait in the hall until I looked up to see her. She was so needy that way, always begging for my attention. Anyway, I'd look up and then she'd gesture that she was going to rip me to shreads with her hands. This was our daily ritual.

Finally, during the last week of school, she asked me to meet her outside after school. Fine. I was almost relieved that she was finally going to kick the shit out of me.

I had glasses, a headgear, and I weighed roughly 75 lbs. I wasn't going to be much of a challenge.

People were all around me, waiting for the screamfest to begin. And then, much to everyone's dismay, she walked right by me. I was going to yell, "Chickenshit!" as she walked away, but instead thanked my lucky stars I still had eyeballs in my sockets.

I learned that she had 3 children by the time she was 19 years old. You gotta love karma.

But as parents, we need to rely on more than karma. I'd suggest meeting with the principal and asking for a checklist of actions and consequences. If the school doesn't know, as in my case from 27 years ago, they can't help.

What other things do you find helpful? If you're posting a comment and it doesn't work, you can email us at momdirt@gmail.com and we'll publish your posting. We'd like to know has or has not worked for you with your children!


  1. My kids school actually has an anti-bullying policy. Not that they enforce it! I have been on both sides of this issue. My son hit a classmate in the gut when he was in 5th grade. OMG it was a girl! The deputy sheriff, who just happened to be in the school, talked to him and I must say he never bullied at school again. He just waits til he gets home to retaliate on his sister! Now he's the bullied at school and the bully goes without punishment because he has "anger control" problems according to the administation. Imagine that!! This boy has slapped a teacher, shoved another(she lost her job), and hit and teased a miriad of classmates. Anger control problems!? Duh! I say send him to military school and straighten his ass out, NOW, before I have to pay for his prison stay! His parents need to be sent to parenting classes and made responsible, damn it. I'd say send your comments about this bully to our school, but then I would be the bully. I'm much too old for that and no one needs to make excuses for my anger control. I'm a bitch today because no one had the sense to send ME to military school!

  2. Its funny I ran across this issue because my son just got ISS (In-school suspension) for DEFENDING himself. I apologize but I am a big advocate about "fighting back" either in the physical sense or mental sense. Equally standing for both I guess. But a student in his class hit him so he hit back.....harder. I was bullied in school into thinking I was worthless and I NEVER want my kids to feel powerless. I have taught them to fight back and NEVER be a door mat for ANYONE! But ONLY if they think they can hold there ground.

    Is this wrong? Am I creating an unforeseen "monster" of sorts? We are taught in society that violence is wrong but we are our own advocates most of the time so if we don't defend our self......who will?