Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon & Kate = Insanity.

I don't condone infidelity or greed, but I'm thinking 8 children would put a damper on my judgement. The world seems to be split on who deserves more punishment: Jon for cheating, or Kate for being a greedy, low-tempered, bitch.

I'm going to guess that I'd be a bitch too if I had eight children. EIGHT! I still can't get over that. How does a person potty-train six children at one time? Wiping all those asses throughout the day might make me a bit cranky.

And the older twins trying to co-parent would drive me to drink. "No mommy, he needs to be wiped like this..." Oh my God. I'd be pouring whiskey on my Lucky Charms.

Speaking of wanting to pour yourself into oblivian, how the hell did she escape postpartum depression? I'm feeling a little less than adequate since I was certifiably psychotic after birthing only one at a time. Eight would have secured a comfortable bed in a padded room for me until they graduated from high school.

So what I'm saying is this: Don't judge until you've been there. I hope to God I'll never be in that place. But if I do happen to get pregnant with sextuplets, please have mercy on me. My judgement may be clouded and I may choose to have sex with Ashton Kutcher and blackmail him for Demi's money.

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  1. I know that we shouldn't pass judgment on Kate but one thing I have noticed on the few times I have watched the show...........she is rather "cold" toward her husband. She shows very little affection, patience, or even friendship toward Jon.
    Yes, agreeable that having eight children is incredible work, but my grandparents had 14 children and were married for over 60+ years. Having children is suppose to bring couples together, not tare each other apart.
    Personally, I think "fame" has gone straight to Kate's head! I think she likes the fame more then the marriage and perhaps go even as far as to say she puts her responsibilities to the side just for the limelight and attention..........just my opinion.