Friday, May 29, 2009

Laugh: Good For the Abs And Soul.

We have an ongoing joke in our house that involves a doll. It started at Parker's second birthday party.

She opened this sweet present wrapped in pink and pulled out this satanic-looking doll. It's the kind that closes her eyes when you lay her down, and opens them when you tip her up.

It looks like it wants to kill you, even though it's pretending to be sweet and cute.

My husband was petrified of it. So I did what any loving wife would do, which is torture him with it.

Over the years, I have:
Seatbelted her into his car, hung her from his rearview mirror in a noose, duck-taped her to his bumper, tucked her into his underwear drawer, slipped her into his pillowcase, strapped her to his Coke bottle in the fridge, and set her on his dinner plate during dates. And much, much more.

Hell, I even Fed Ex'd her to Vegas on one of his business trips.

The joke isn't always on him. This satanic creature makes her way around everyone in the family. I'm not sure how long she was tucked under my car wipers, but when I saw her screeching back and forth across my rainy windshield, I almost pissed my pants.

The girls get a kick out of it too. Paige just stuffed the damn thing in my coffee mug earlier this week. I've enclosed a picture, so you can see how terrifying this thing is.

But the idea is that it always brings a smile to the recipient. This is the shit that makes life fun and funny. Humor lifts us up and brings us out. Laughter heals. It makes us feel alive and connected with others.

So enjoy this Friday. Go forth and laugh your ass off. I don't care if it involves renting Dane Cook or heading to a naughty poetry reading, just go for it. Giggle like a little schoolgirl today and know that all is well.

After all, we're here to ENJOY LIFE. It's not supposed to be so fucking serious all the time!

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