Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Locker Rooms.

Does a locker room give people permission to indulge in their disgusting habits? I'm specifically thinking about the time I was at the sink and mirror in our local gym. A place where I swish mouthwash, fix my ponytail, and make sure my thong isn't riding above my yoga pants.

Out of nowhere, a naked woman sauntered up, and I kid you not, put her fucking foot up on the counter to lotion her leg.

I don't care if you are the first woman President, no one at the club cares to see your vagina.

Get a fancy merkin for it, tape a birthday bow on it, give your jungle a perm for all I care. Just understand that no one, other than your significant other, wants to see it.

And FYI, a merkin is a pubic wig. That's right. Google it. You'll be amazed.


  1. Reason 848,245 not to go to the gym.

  2. LOL @ Merkin!!
    what about her nasty foot on the counter that would be enough to send me to puke!