Monday, May 4, 2009

The "WHY ME?" Reaction.

When we're faced with a challenge, a lot of us think, "Why the hell is this happening to ME?"

Here's my shot at trying to uncover the lesson learned in what seems to be bullshit situations:

For people laid off from work, they learn self-worth. They understand they are still loving, loyal, fun, and caring. A "non-paycheck" doesn't change any of those things. They are just as worthy on Monday as they were on Friday. Same person, same smile, different day.

For people recovering from depression, they learn compassion. Their hearts go out to people moving through their days wearing a heavy, sleepy, dark, coat and trying to smile over the numbness of it all.

For marriages that have survived affairs, they become stronger and more committed. A marriage is reborn. Love is injected into a relationship that was once on life support. The couple soars in security and strength.

For marriages torn apart, they learn to walk on their own two feet. They realize that another person cannot take their love, confidence, and esteem. Indeed, those things were not split 50/50 with their spouse. They get to keep them 100%.

For people dealing with addictions, they learn self-control. They walk through this world with non-judgement and acceptance. They understand that people struggle with things inside themselves that no one else can see.

For people dealing with illness, they learn appreciation. They become stronger, even more grateful, and they love without abandon. When facing death, they learn to live. They teach the rest of us to stop and smell the fucking roses already. It takes 5 seconds, just do it.

And for people dealing with heartache and loss, they learn faith. Faith in the unknown, a place none of us can possibly grasp with our wordly hands. They move in this world with a little less to fear than the rest of us, because they survived what could be the worst fear of all: losing a child, spouse, mother, father, sibling.

All the difficult lessons we learn, all the triumphs we's all here for us to experience.
So when we say, "Why ME?" It's because we're here. We're here to have it all.

And that means there is no filter to pick and choose. There is no lifting of the silver plate topper and saying, "Ah shit, I didn't order this, send it back."

We have no choice other than to grow, learn, teach, and shine. And remember, stop and smell the damn roses already.


  1. That is the most awesome blog post I've ever read. I think you just gave me my new philosophy on life. What a gift. Thank you.

  2. Oh wow! Thank you Debbie! I was a little nervous about being a little more serious than usual.

    Lately, I seem to be coming across a lot of people that are hurting and my heart truly goes out to everyone.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post! I have warm fuzzies fluttering all over me!

  3. Hi Kelly! You say eveything so well, you leave me speechless! Very cool.