Monday, June 29, 2009

Boom Boom Pow For Y'all.

Recently, I was in a parade with my daughter and we put together a cd for our float. We blared "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas, as well as some other little goodies.

I'm realizing too late the lyrics were incredibly inappropriate. I didn't realize we were blaring, "Shittin' on y'all with the boom boom", at all the good citizens of our suburb.

Shitting on y'all. The singer is claiming to be shitting on me, yet I can't help but pump my fists in the air and sing along. What is wrong with me?

And there wasn't much improvement with Lady Gaga's Poker Face since the lyrics speak of bluffin' with my muffin, which apparently is my crotch.

I have never referred to my crotch as a muffin and probably never will. "Morning honey, would you like a muffin for breakfast?". Give me a break.

We seem to be listening to music younger than we are and we love it. I wasn't the only mom popping my hips to that simple beat.

When did this sharing of music happen?

When I grew up, my parents listened to Barbara Streisand while I was grinding to Prince. There was a total disconnect, a chance for me to rebel against my parents via music.

I had a poster of Prince in my bedroom and my mom said, "Who's the little black man on a purple motorcycle?" Hello.

I'm thinking it's a way for us to dip our toes into our children's lives. After all, the unknown can be threatening.

So what if we peek into their world a bit to see what's up? Perhaps it makes their entry into the teen years a little less scary for us.

Plus, that simple beat can be a nice break from our responsible lives. I listen to every genre and language of music and my family is usually held hostage to my choices. But sometimes that easy boom, boom, boom, can hit the spot.

But from now on, only clean versions will be downloaded.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea thats what those songs were saying either! I've never heard that in my versions!!!