Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just realized something. The plural form of the word "busy" translates into "business". Am I the only idiot that just learned this ironic piece of information?

This makes me feel a little bit like a schmuck. Like all the "busy-ness" owners were in on the joke. I imagine them thinking, "Oh how cute, she even wore a skirt and heels today to be busy. Awwww..."

I have to say, I enjoyed being busy with a cup of coffee in my friend's office during busy-ness hours. And laughing with other busy people. That was rewarding.

But the actual part about creating money for another person's idea of busy-ness, was not rewarding. In fact, sometimes it sucked. Especially when I wanted to be busy writing, instead of balancing a budget sheet.

So that's why I feel like such a schmuck. I was following someone else's idea of being busy instead of following my own.

How different it would be if we shared the common denominator of wanting to be busy doing the same thing. I'd feel inspired, instead of feeling like a busybee/jackass with a sprinkle of idiot on top.

After all, a business owner is simply someone that owns their busy time. They understand that time is valuable and choose to spend it being busy with something they love to do. This is not rocket science, but smart shit nonetheless.

So my question is this: If you could own your busy-ness, what would it be?

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  1. This is easy I would own an snow-cone stand!! Everyone loves you and the worst thing that can happen in the day is you dont have ice. Sign me up!