Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Social Director.

This is my first summer home with the girls. I've worked full-time since they were born, so this is going to be an adjustment.

I made the rule, "Make your own breakfast". This is going well so far, except when they ask for a glass of juice and I pour it for them. And when they ask for cereal and I pour it in a bowl. Damn it. It's not going well at all. I'm even unwrapping their fucking pop tarts for them.

This morning Paige had a chocolate granola bar with chocolate milk for breakfast. She did it herself, which is admirable, but she's currently jumping up and down in her Halloween costume. Sugar highs are a bitch.

Then there's the case of entertainment. I feel like Julie McCoy from the "Love Boat." Apparently, I'm the social director. I have little heads looking at me asking, "What should we do?"

I don't know what they should do. I hunted salimanders in window sills when I was a kid. Now I hook up the Wii so they can pretend to play tennis. What the fuck?

Thankfully, they usually drop the Wii and play outside after 15 minutes anyway. In fact, yesterday they played with actual rackets and balls. Like, in real life.

Playdates are all good and fine, but I seem to get in the middle of them. Whatever I'm doing, is what they want to be doing. I could be watching, "Oprah" and before I know it, they're leaning over my chair watching it with me and commenting, "Why do you watch this?", "Who is that?", "Oh! They said 'stupid'!"...

If I have something to eat, I have 4 or 5 heads peering into my bowl of yogurt saying, "Gross! What is that?" I can't possibly tell them I'm eating yogurt to avoid yeast infections. Good Christ, I'd have mothers calling on that one for sure.

Reading a book attracts even more attention. "That title has a naughty word in it!", "What is that book about?", "Is that alcohol in that picture?"...How can I explain to 7 year olds that "Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea" is the best book on the face of the planet?

But chaotic structure aside, I like being the "Kool-Aid House", the house where all the kids play. Their laughter and carefree attitude is contagious.

Maybe I'm putting myself in the middle of the playdates hoping my inner child will ignite. Living a life of pure bliss and fun is kind of, well, fun. In fact, I might do a cannonball at the pool tomorrow.

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  1. Love the blog but I have a request can you please do something on proper pool attire! I think this is something a lot of mothers struggle with. I'm in Texas and as you can imagine its tragic! Its common to see whole groups of people with all there clothes on like its "wash day" or not nearly enough clothes on then you have to tell your 5yr old "Well some people just like to have there butts hanging out"...