Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shameful Techno Catfights.

A few years ago, I IM'd my friend a backstabbing note about someone in the office.

I sent it to the victim instead of my friend. That was classy.

She stood up, looked into my cube and said, "I wasn't supposed to get that, was I." Uh, no. She wasn't supposed to receive that little nugget of acid on her screen.

My blood ran cold, my heart stopped, and I think I began twitching.

The world stopped and jammed its finger in my face and said, "Shame on you, Kelly." If only I could have crawled into a dark cave. Forever.

But instead I defended myself. Against what, you ask? I have no fucking clue, but no one puts baby in a corner and I was in a corner.

Nevermind that I deserved to be there and I was the idiot sending scathing messages about her, to her.

I'm happy to report I've matured greatly since this harsh lesson in bashing other people. It's never worth it.

It didn't really didn't matter if my victim knew about my shitty little attacks or not. I knew, and for that, I paid the hefty price of self respect.

And not-so-surprisingly, technology isn't novacaine. Trust me. It hurts the offending party whether it's via text, IM, facebook, twitter, or vmail. It rips up their feelings all the same.

There's also the realization that other people may not want to hear me rip someone a new asshole. Let's face it, I wasn't tarnishing anyone's reputation but my own.

Plus, there's karma, man. We get what we give. It's truly that easy. Give good, get good. Done.

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