Friday, August 21, 2009

The Sex Talk.

I'm not sure how it evolved, but the girls and I were having breakfast and they started talking about how they'll be women soon. They're 9 and 7.

Indeed the oldest will be changing soon, so I thought this was a great teaching moment. I launched into a long diatribe about the law of attraction and how you want to attract a healthy, trustworthy, confident person into your life when you get older.

I explained that you need to love a person's heart and soul and trust them with an intimate experience. It's not something that will complete you or give you worth. Confidence and esteem come from within, not a boy.

Wanting to keep the lines of communication open, I said, "So do you have any questions? I want to be open with this topic because it's an important one."

Paige, my youngest, shoved a pancake in her mouth and said, "So when can I get some of this sex and when will we get boobs?"


I replied, "Not until you're 30 and never".

That went well, no?

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