Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Lucky Ones.

Yesterday I created a "Dream It, Live It" board in the kitchen. It's like believing in Santa again. We posted our dreams on the board and every time we walk by it, we see our hopes right there in front of us. And every time we look at it, more energy is poured into it.

It's just a matter of time before my husband gets a '62 Corvette, my daughters "skydive" in a wind tunnel, and I'm on Oprah promoting my book and helping thousands of people heal anxiety and depression.

I also wrote a check to myself for $250,000 for good measure. That should help cover our sailing trip in the Virgin Islands and our long, drunk weekend in Ireland.

It's fun to dream, hope and play. And it works. I met my knight in shining zubaz in 1990 because I dreamed of finding someone to love.

And here's the trick: Be grateful for what is...whatever "it" is." It's important we don't feel lack while roping in our dreams like celestial cowgirls. We don't bang our forks and knives on the table while complaining that shit isn't falling into our laps quick enough. That's Paris Hilton's job, not ours.

Two years ago I wrote a note to myself when I was feeling trapped in a job that wasn't right for me. It said, "I am writing a book and thrilled to finally be an author! My life is flexible enough to get the girls off the bus every single day."

Guess what I'm doing these days? I'm writing a book and my life is flexible enough to get the girls off the bus every single day. And I didn't do anything to make it happen.

Damn, it's a beautiful thing when dreams manifest. I can almost feel that blue-green water beneath me right now. AAaaahhhhhhhh....

So go on now and toss your rope to the stars. Make your wish and believe it's yours. Because it is.


  1. Hi Kel, you know those flip chart paper pads? well a few weeks ago I was finished facilitating this meeting and we had extra paper that was already torn off the pad, and I couldn't bear to toss it, the big, white, empty paper, so I stashed it into my bag imagining that I'd write my goals on it and paste on my bathroom wall. Well, I saw that paper still folded up in the kitchen the other day and I was like too shy or afraid to write my shit up there for all, mostly me to see all the time, but NOW I'm inspired again, so! I'm about ready to get on the road to the Lake to see Inny and Bob, but up there I will write down some dreams (better than goals) and on Sunday I'll write it on the paper and put it up. Thanks for sharing your dreams and writing with us all! Say hi to Mr Corvette and the Skydivers for me. Love, Lisi

  2. Just turned on my computer and before paying bills and "stuff", checked in to your blog. The tears are now streaming down my face as I read it and Lisi's comment. Life is so amazing (I can hardly stand it). It doesn't matter what one's age or place in time, we are all the lucky ones, especially if we know it - and the trick. Thanks to all the young women for following in our footsteps and reminding us to keep dreaming. Love, Cindy