Thursday, April 8, 2010

Portion size.

I went to McDonalds the other day with the kids. I get the Big Mac because the "slop" covers up the fact that I'm eating Grade D meat.

Anyway, I ordered a medium pop to wash down the burger and what I got was a tank of pop. It didn't even fit in the cup holder in my car. The straw looked like a dildo and my arm hurt during the "pass off" between the employee and me.

It barely fit through the window of my car for crissake. If I spilled it, I could've drowned in Coke. I was getting nervous.

Here's my million dollar question:
If that's a Medium, what does the Large look like?
Do they tap a fucking vein and run an IV directly into my bloodstream?
What is happening to portion size?
Can our bodies even handle that much sugar?

Jesus Christ, I felt like I was on speed after drinking half of that keg.

And listen, if I'm going to drink a keg of liquid, it's going to beer. Not Coke.

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