Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Halfway There.

I am more than likely halfway through my life. Today I am 41 years old; If I live to be 82, I'd say that's a pretty good ride.

But it got me thinking, "What have I accomplished in the first 41 years?" Before I started shredding my dignity, I really thought about it.

I have learned how to walk, talk, eat with a fork, use a toilet, blow bubbles with Hubba Bubba, double-dutch jumprope, make friends (and keep them), kiss, performed in theatre, recently wrote a play, wrote a book, healed broken bones, graduated from high school, graduated from college, learned how to walk in heels, got married, had two children, learned how snowboard, learned how to ripstick, learned how to say goodbye to unhealthy friendships, and learned how to say goodbye to my father dying from cancer. Still learning how to grieve, but getting there.

I've done shitloads.

Frankly, if I don't accomplish another thing in my life, I can count this one as successful.

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